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Ru-bix gears up for full production with tripled capacity

Ru-bix gears up for full production with tripled capacity

Ru-bix, the UK’s specialist in polyurethane tooling boards, is gearing up for full production this month. The company will for the first time be utilising a tripling of capacity and is beginning a recruitment campaign.

The company has implemented all COVID-19 safety measures and is seeing increased demand, especially in the UK where the whole industry is now more focussed on quality and durable supply chains.

Ru-bix specialises in the use of advanced thermoset polymers for prototyping and modelling purposes, including a range of different density polyurethane tooling boards and blocks, adhesives, filler and liquid systems for Fast Cast and RIM mouldings.

The move from 7,000 to 20,000 sq ft has enabled Ru-bix to keep high-stock levels, enabling fast and efficient deliveries to all parts of the UK.

The facility includes an integrated Research and Development laboratory, which has been the focus of the company for the past year during the lockdowns. This has allowed continuous improvement and innovation for all of Ru-bix’s in-house formulated products, and a number of new products will be launched later this year.

Ash Colvin, Ru-bix’s managing director said: “We have spent the last year building solid foundations for the company, including manufacturing in-demand stock which facilitates responding quickly to customer needs; in-depth research and development which enables us to identify and prepare the products of the future; and implementing several quality systems and processes, which are helping us to get it right, first time, time-after-time.”

Ru-bix has been operational throughout the pandemic, providing standard and bespoke products to customers involved in medical technology, aerospace, automotive, marine, signage and modelling. They have also used 2020 to focus on securing ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accreditations.

They are the only UK tooling board company that has a basic grounding in fundamental polymer science, capable of turning innovative chemistry into leading-edge products for a host of downstream engineering uses.

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