We have developed state-of-the-art composite products that deliver long-term reliability and performance in a world where design or materials failure could have catastrophic consequences. For this reason, Ru-bix boards, together with ancillary materials are strictly controlled during the manufacturing stage, ensuring that customers receive no batch-to-batch variations. Whether it be for resin transfer moulding, prepreg applications or fast-cast resins, quality and reliability are the key features of our product line.


Organisations here usually require excellent surface quality and finish, so we have developed a range of medium and highly density, micro-particle materials for use in the design and prototyping processes within the automotive industry.


Extreme environmental conditions call for epoxy and polyurethane products that meet very high mechanical performance standards. We have 30 – 300 density boards for the production of master plugs and 600/700 density boards, exhibiting fine surface structure, for GRP or epoxy wet-layup applications. The higher density boards can also be used for the production of infusion tools