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Getting back to normal

Here at Ru-bix Tooling Board, we are now getting back to normal, although a lot has been happening since the start of lockdown. Until recently, production of boards was difficult whilst production staff were isolating at home. However, we have used this quiet period to further develop our range of products for the composites market and to update our website. Our Technical Director, Dr Barrie Colvin FRSC, has been busy working on a range of totally unique, exciting materials. They include materials with high Tg, low coefficient of expansion and particularly fine surface structure, specifically aimed at the prepreg market. Several ‘hybrid’ thermoset materials are currently being trialled with customers and we expect commercial release of these products in Q4 of this year.

Getting back to normal

Please take a look at our website in order to gain an insight into our thermoset polymer experience and further details of our manufacturing site in Norfolk, UK. We have a number of interesting developments going on and, together with close cooperation with our customers, aim to radically improve the technical aspects of tooling materials available to the composites market. Many thanks to those who have been helpful in providing feedback to us during this period. Let’s continue to push onwards and upwards – but stay safe!

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