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The UK's true specialist thermoset tooling board manufacturer

tooling boards

Excellent mechanical strength, very fine grain size, high dimensional stability and resistance to high temperatures.

rim & fast cast

Low viscosity materials for casting a variety of products with excellent surface detail.

adhesives & fillers

Single and two-component adhesives to support our tooling board customers in the UK.

Our Norfolk site has an integrated R&D laboratory and modern manufacturing plant, with high stock levels of a range of different density tooling boards and blocks, enabling fast and efficient deliveries to all parts of the UK.


Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today

Rubix continues to push the boundaries in terms of tooling board performance with the highest levels of sustainability.

“In keeping with a long-held tradition, Rubix remains the leader in sustainable solutions for the engineering industry. The company has recently improved the HaloTM flagship product by introducing high levels of both bio-carbon content and recycled plastic. This is an ongoing process which will continue to provide the very best in terms of high-performance engineering materials”.

bespoke sizes available


unrivalled performance

Ru-bix is constantly introducing unique, high-performance materials based on bio-carbon chemistry. We have a long history of successful innovation and will continue to lead the field in sustainable tooling board products.

Our production facilities are being constantly upgraded to ensure that our future developments can be introduced to engineering markets without delay.

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