We create polyurethane boards in a range of sizes and densities used in
model construction, tool making and mould production

Ru-bix offers a range of polyurethane styling, modelling and tooling boards, suitable for demanding applications in the engineering sector. We supply the automotive, aerospace, marine, rail, foundry, signage and other industries where prototyping and modelling
work is required. Our standard range of products consist of polyurethane boards with densities ranging from 30kg/cub.m to 1220kg/cub.m. Available in standard sizes of 1500mm x 500mm x (30, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200mm thickness), it is possible to meet the specific demands of most model or mould-making projects.

Not all boards are created equal

At Ru-bix we pride ourselves on providing customers with a bespoke service quite unlike any other.

Our bespoke polyurethane tooling boards can be provided at very competitive prices, ensuring that customers benefit fully in terms of working efficiency, with reduced costs and marginal levels of waste.

Low Density

For styling applications

Versatile and lightweight, our styling boards are semi-finished products which can be bonded into various shapes and sizes.

​The styling and design portfolio are natural coloured which are favoured in the market.

RX-30 30 kg/m³

Very light weight with fine cell structure for master models and patterns

RX-80 80 kg/m³

Lightweight with smooth surface and low dust formation for design research applications

RX-150 150 kg/m³

Fine, non-powdery surface suitable for milling in design studies

RX-200 200 kg/m³

Easily machined with very good surface structure. Particularly suitable for master models

RX-300 300 kg/m³

Very smooth surface for some master models and vac-forming applications

Higher Density

Modelling boards & tooling boards

Higher density modelling and tooling boards are easy to machine, hard wearing and long lasting.

Modelling boards are often used for vacuum forming, model making and prototyping.

The highest density tooling boards are used where manufacturing stresses are high, or where exact dimensional tolerances, sharp-corner retention and excellent surface finish are important.

RX-600 600 kg/m³

Good dimensional stability and low CTE for master models and vac-forming models

RX-700 700 kg/m³

High mechanical properties and low CTE for master models and foundry patterns

RX-1200 1200 kg/m³

High strength, easily machined, capable of high-gloss finish. Ideal for foundry models and hammer form tools

Need adhesives too?

We provide adhesives matched to the hardness and colour of the boards for bonding. We offer both single and two-component adhesives to support our tooling board customers.