Fast Cast Resins 

Low viscosity materials for casting a variety of products with excellent surface detail. High levels of fillers such as alumina trihydrate or calcium carbonate can be added, due to the inherent wettability of these resins. With a pot-life of 4-5 minutes, and excellent flowability, these fast-demoulding products find many applications in the general moulding industry, both as prototypes and regular production items. No degassing is required with these products and they are suitable for many small to medium sized moulded items. For more structural items a RIM system should be used.



For fast-reacting, impact-resistant mouldings, our reaction injection moulding (RIM) systems are available in a variety of pot-life and curing times. For most applications, the 1 minute or 3 minute gel time products are found to be suitable. Typical applications include the manufacture of instrument housings or impact-resistant technical mouldings. These materials can be dispensed from low-pressure metering machines and are particularly suitable for mouldings involving complex geometry. They are available in fire-retardant grades meeting the V0 rating when tested to UL94. Specific attributes include short demould times and high temperature resistance.


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