Unique tooling boards for demanding applications

hybrid boards

By combining several polymer types together, hybrid thermosets can be produced which allow us to provide boards with very specific, customizable properties. Our standard board in this range is RX-HT850, which is available as 1000 and 1500mm long, 500mm wide and 50/100mm thick. This board is particularly suited to the automotive and aerospace industries where high temperature stability and very low coefficient of expansion are required.


Optimised properties easily achieved, particularly in terms of mechanical strength, Tg and CTE.


These hybrid boards are suitable for use with epoxy/carbon-fibre prepregs

Superior finish

Extremely smooth finish with excellent machinability and low dust generation.

We pride ourselves on customer service

Our hybrid boards take advantage of the concept of IPN (Interprenetrating Polymer Networks) technology, a process first used with styrene/DVB materials in the 1960s. This technology provides a means of significantly optimising tooling board properties to provide a range of customized products.

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