We provide both single and two-component adhesives to support our tooling board customers in the UK. Our prime single component material, Adhesive A45, is a moisture-curing polyurethane suitable for bonding many materials, including tooling boards. It has a high solids content and is activated using the conventional water mist method. Ample time is available to position and adjust the bonded surfaces, with a typical press time of about one hour. The cured adhesive exhibits a very strong bond whilst providing a degree of flexibility. Please consult the Technical Datasheet for further information.

Adhesive A50 is a two-component epoxy adhesive for structural engineering applications. It exhibits high temperature resistance and excellent impact resistance. Whilst it cures at room temperature, it requires a post-curing regime to obtain full mechanical and thermal properties.

A45 Single Part

Moisture-curing ployurethane adhesive with a degree of flexibility

A50 Two Part

Temperature-resistant epoxy adhesive for structural engineering applications


A variety of fillers are available as potential additives to our Fast-Cast and RIM systems.

Fillers are often added in order to modify tensile strength and heat resistance, reduce reaction exotherm, reduce moulding shrinkage, modify (increase /decrease) moulded part weight and lower the cost of moulded items. We ensure that all filler grades are pure and of fine particle size in order to maximise their use in our liquid systems.

Currently our range of fillers is limited, but we expect to have a complete range of products, including suitable polymer microspheres and high-aspect nanofillers, available in the future.